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Persian Rice (Karl Müller & Co)

Persian Rice (Karl Müller & Co)

This Persian rice is meant to be a side dish, but it really doesn’t need an accompaniment.  It’s savory, sweet and filling.  The combination of pistachios, currants and mint transport taste-buds to the Middle East, without the hassle of packing and jet-lag.

Preparation is easy: Saute the contents in a little oil until you smell a nutty aroma. Add 500-600 ml of vegetable broth. Cook covered for 15-20 min.   Voila – done!

If you don’t live in Wiesbaden, you can order online HERE.  Be sure to saute the uncooked mixture in oil before adding your stock to enhance the nutty flavor!


Karl Müller & Co – Mühlgasse 9 – 65183 Wiesbaden