Museum Wiesbaden: Where Beauty Resides

Museum Wiesbaden: Where Beauty Resides

Beautiful Art Nouveau collection on display at Museum Wiesbaden including Klimt, Mucha and Tiffany….so good (and extensive), it’s worth multiple visits!

Ferdinand Wolfgang Neess has donated his entire collection (over 500 objects) to Museum Wiesbaden. This permanent exhibit is more than paintings, light fixtures, sculptures and furniture; it encompasses the intangible beauty of an era that reveled in the mystical wonders of womanhood.  It’s impossible to digest this massive collection in one visit, which is why I’ll return.

Walking among the jewel toned Tiffany lamps, languid female figures and iris sconces I realized almost everything was created by men, and I liked how women were portrayed, with Grace.

The apple pie and Riesling in the museum cafe mirrored my sentiments of the collection on display.  Sublime.



Museum Wiesbaden

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2

65185 Wiesbaden

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