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Water to Wine: The Cellar of Bacchus Speicher

Water to Wine: The Cellar of Bacchus Speicher


Wine is sunlight, held together by water – Galileo Galilei


Antonie and Andreas Pietsch are cultivators.  Soil embedded under rugged fingernails, skin bronzed by the outdoors and cheeks rosy from external elements.  Like the 2.2 hectares of gnarled vines the couple tends and the liquid they produce, Antonie and Andreas aren’t trying to disguise themselves or their ruby and golden tinged libations as anything other than what they are: simple and good.

The Pietschs have restored an abandoned crumbling water reservoir, turning it into a wine cellar storing thousands of bottles of Müller-Thurgau, Riesling and Spätburgunder bearing their label.  Attached to the cellar is a tasting room complete with a cosy fireplace and communal style tables.  The family dog happily lounges across concrete flooring.

Sitting among the trees, forest and stone water tower of Bacchus Speicher you’re bound to sense the realm of something magical. A lovely evening is all but guaranteed under the stars on a terrace overlooking vineyards stretching towards Mainz.  

For generations this land has gifted the community with liquid nourishment, if not from water then from wine. Prepare to be enchanted.

*Click here for a recipe using one of their wines*


Weingut Bacchus Speicher

Gänssaalweg 25

55246 Wiebaden Mz-Kostheim

Tel 061342989589

Email: kontakt@bacchusspeicher.de

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